Halloween Greeting Cards

Make a Halloween Card
Get an adult to help set you up making some Halloween Cards

You will need:
blue card folded in half 
a small piece of yellow card for the moon
(and a small cylinder shaped container to draw around to make the circle shap)
scraps of black card 
scissors pencil glue
some silver stars

Goblin's Fingers - cheese staws

Goblins Fingers

 Rustle up a plate of Goblins fingers for a halloween treat. They are crunchy and tasty cheese straws  
and pretty yucky to look at! In other words perfect halloween biscuits. You will need help and 
assistance from an adult. 


It's nearly Halloween!

Halloween Cut-out Dolls
It's nearly Halloween and where I am it's getting a little cooler now autumn has arrived.
Autumn is the time of good long walks through crunchy leaves, and bonfires and arts and crafts indoors when the weather is dreary outside.  

Ask an adult to print them out for you, best on thick paper or thin card





The long hot days of summer are well on the way and that means strawberries and lemonade, trips to the seaside and picnics.  We have some lovely paper dolls for you to print out and cut out with the children and recipes for Caterpillar Cupcakes and strawberry ice-cream along with free print-outs and plenty of inspirational fun for celebrating fair days and rainy days! 

Cut out dolls


 Cherry Blossom Time 
April is Cherry blossom time and in Japan cherry blossom time marks the arrival of spring and much celebration.  People visit the parks and gardens where the cherry trees are in bloom and many families enjoy spending time together picnicing under the cherry blossom trees. The illustration we have chosen is a decorated woodcut by Helen Hyde an American artist who lived and studied in Japan. Blossom Time in Tokyo, 1914.

Cut out dolls
Cut out dolls in keeping with our Cherry Blossom theme. The little girl and boy have two outfits each: regular spring clothes and tradition dress to wear during their Cherry Blossom picnic.
   To print out the cut out dolls simply click on the image and print onto thin card or heavy paper.