christmas cut out dolls

We  just love paper dolls. 
To print the page, simply click on the image and print onto a sheet of thin card or heavy paper for best effect.
Take care when cutting out the dolls and their fancy dress outfits and once you are done enjoy dressing them up for the fancy dress ball.

Halloween Twig Posy

Halloween Table Decoration
During the summer months I pick flowers or make paper flowers to decorate my table, but come October I get to work crafting halloween style decorations. I gathered together some blown eggs, paint and glitter and a few twigs to use as stalks. I used black paper for the bats. I really enjoyed painting the eggs and I cut stars from glitter card.  I attached all the finished decorations to twigs. Finally I made some spiders from pipe cleaners and card and suspended them from the twigs with silver thread!! 

How to make fake blood

Some people enjoy dressing up for halloween and often use fake blood. Making up some fake blood is quite simple. All you need is some glycerine (available from chemist shops or the supermarket) and red food colouring. Mix well together and store in a well labelled bottle.  Fake blood can also be made by colouring some syrup or honey with red food colouring. When using food colouring (or poster paints which do the same thing) please remember that the colouring stains so do not get it on clothing! Always add food colouring one drop at a time as the dyes used are very intense. 

Crunchy Worm Cookies

Crunchy Worm Cookies

                              You will need:
50g butter
100g milk or plain chocolate
100g cornflakes
3 tablespoons syrup  
4 tablespoons Jelly worms and bugs

 Before you begin this project remember, you will need assistance and permission from an 
adult. These little cookies are made by mixing melted chocolate with syrup and butter then gently folding in the cornflakes. 

Measure out the ingredients. Place the butter and syrup in a saucepan. Break up the chocolate and add to the butter and syrup. Place the saucepan over a low heat until the ingredients have melted, give the mixture a stir and remove from the heat.   
Place 100g cornflakes in a mixing bowl and pour the melted chocolate mixture over the cornflakes. Gently fold the cornflakes, and half of the jelly worms into the chocolate mixture until the cornflakes are covered in chocolate.

Place spoonfuls of the mixture on a well oiled baking tray (or on non-stick paper).  Press the remaining jelly worms and bugs into the cornflake cookies - see the illustration!  Set aside until the cookies have cooled and hardened and ready to eat. 

Juggling Pumpkins

Pumpkin Shaped Juggling Balls

Today we are making juggling pumpkins! We made them from orange felt fabric. Felt is easy to cut and easy to sew. If you've never juggled, well it's easy to learn, just takes lots of practise. It's a good idea to practise outside, there are fewer things to break outside! Begin by throwing one juggling ball into the air and catching it with your other hand. Do this for a bit to give your brain a chance to get the hang of it. So get down to work and make some juggling pumpkins!