Paper Craft

A Halloween Greeting Card

This card is easy to make.  Ask an adult for assistance with cutting and glueing and of course for permission before you make the card. You may need help with materials.  

You will need
a small sheet of thin blue card, folded over to make the card base
A moon shaped piece of yellow paper or card
A piece of black paper or card (for the bats)
A few sticky silver stars - or draw the stars
Paper glue or a glue stick
Scissors and a white pencil to draw the bat shapes onto the black paper 

Have a good look at the step-by-step photographs before you begin. Think about how large you want your card to be and work out how large the moon should be to fit well on the cover of the card.  Practise drawing little bats, this will help when it comes to cutting one out.  Use a white pencil crayon to draw bat shapes on the card to cut out. 

The card is not difficult to make, it just takes time.  Work neatly and carefully.You could make the card to send to a grandparent or aunt or uncle, or you could use the card to write an invitation for a friend to come over for Halloween Tea.