About Us

Jess and Vivienne

 Together we have created the ideas and projects, images and instructions for this site.

The idea for a kid's craft website, produced in our distinct style has been long in formation, and then there was the hanging about for computer science to catch up with our imagination.

 We are both fortunate to have been blessed with a natural creativity and enjoy little more than spending time together magic-ing up new ideas, be it an idea for a business card, book cover design, step-by-step recipe illustrations, cut-out-dolls or a set of watercoloured illustrated origami projects and we welcome commissions.

Jess Lee Short

All the illustrations on this site are hand painted by Jess on heavy watercolour paper using traditional water colours. As well as being an illustrator and painter, Jess is a graphic designer. Jess studied Theatre Design at Wimbledon School of Art and it is this background, in theatre and costume design, that inspires much of her work.  

Vivienne Bolton

Both Jess and I have both brought up families. I was a stay-at-home Mom, raising my 5 children in a small village in Suffolk. Mychildren are long grown up and now my time is my own. I've always earned my living through my creativity, designing projects for craft books, teaching evening classes on rag rug making, patchwork and numerous other subjects. Years ago I worked as a PA/researcher, producing pieces on gardening and food. I have written numerous craft books, largely focussing, but not always, on paper crafts. My lifestyle book From Mother to Daughter, published by Kyle Cathie makes a delicious read.